37 Ways Inc.


Account Executive

We are looking for entry-level representatives to join our growing team of motivated, customer service-oriented individuals. Candidates must possess integrity, character, and exemplary ambition for success. The position can be considered an entry-level customer service position meaning thorough training is provided. This is a perfect fit for recent college grads, individuals with customer service background or someone looking to make a career change. 


Our paid internships are directed towards hard working college students looking to gain hands-on experience in the sales and management fields. We offer a variety of internships working with different departments during the fall, spring, and summer.

Marketing / Management

Our Management Training Program offers extensive sales and marketing training to individuals looking to broaden their skill set. This program, which lasts 6 to 8 months, takes an individual from entry-level into a senior position. Candidates learn how a sales force operates, including the branding of a product, raising community awareness, locating target markets, and increasing our clients' customer base. Once in management, our representatives are trained to administer the campaign on behalf of the client in a new market.​


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