New York City Rallies Up

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

Our Northeast Regional Rally was held in New York City on July 10th. With over 500 people who attended, it was a inspiring day with many award winners and great speakers. All attendees got to hear from our National Consultants who traveled from all over the country to be at the conference. We got to meet owners from all over the United States as well as those who traveled a bit further from South Africa.

It began with a general morning assembly and then followed with a buffet of breakfast food and most importantly coffee to keep us all pumped while we broke out into our various sessions depending on our current position in the company.

Awards were given out to those who are doing a great job with their respective clients. Many individuals got awards such as: owners, managers, administrators and representatives. We are proud to say that our office won two awards that morning for Rising Stars.

Proceeding the conference, a lunch networking event was held at the venue where everyone got a chance to speak to one another and network. We are looking forward to our upcoming conference which is to be held on September 16th once again in the New York area.

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