Restoring Faith in Offline Marketing

37 WAYS concedes that the popularity of digital marketing channels has put the majority of offline strategies in darkness. As a business that operates predominantly offline, the firm has vowed to restore faith in a practice they remain fully committed to.

Digital marketing channels will always be an obstacle in the way of our firm landing new business. However, we believe marketing strategies should be both on and offline in unison to adhere to a successful firm.

So many businesses now use the Internet to market their products and services, it’s becoming difficult for us to stand out from the crowd. We believe using offline, face to face interactions as a supplemental strategy is vital in order to restore the human connection with customers.

37 WAYS believes that it is almost irrelevant how much time people spend online, because at some point they still need to function back in the real world.

Personalized interactions have now become cherished, moments in a world where news feeds are constantly saturated with digital ads and promotions. It is for this reason that 37 WAYS believes brands must take multiple approaches with their marketing, and find ways to connect with their audience wherever they may be, both on and offline.

Our niche in the marketing field is our commitment to providing a transparent and genuine customer experience that wows at every consumer touch point.

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