Shift in the Working life of the Millennial: Travel

‘There’s a travel revolution among millennial's, and they want to see the world. We’re providing the opportunity to feed that travel bug, while offering rival progression in the sales and marketing sector,’ explains a spokesperson from 37 WAYS.

In response to their recent declaration on the millennial travel movement, 37 WAYS was keen to declare the ways in which travel can benefit both the individual and the company in the hope that many other SMEs will consider offering business trips to their travel-hungry millennial workers.

Morale Boost / ‘Company culture is something that drives us here at 37 WAYS, so anything that gives our contractors a boost is of a huge benefit to us. We often align our travel with networking opportunities so not only are our team getting to travel the world – they’re also progressing their opportunities with others across the globe,’ continued the spokesperson.

Office Culture / Roar Ambition has long declared the importance of maintaining a strong company culture and contends that travel is a key driver behind this. The firm recognizes that an atmosphere that encourages travel will help workers to step away from the office, and ordinary environments helping to breed creative ideas.

Relieves Stress / ‘It’s no secret that the life of entrepreneurship can be stressful, there is a number of unpredictable obstacles that may arise – so it’s important to us that we give our contractors the opportunity to release stress now and again – travel is the key to that,’ concluded the spokesperson. 37 WAYS understands that encouraging an individual to take regular travel breaks can reduce their risk of physical and mental health risks over an extended period.

37 WAYS is a direct marketing agency based in Downtown, New Haven, taking pride in connecting with consumers on a daily basis. We work closely with their vast array of clients to understand their needs and their goals and together, with their ambitious contractors, they create personalized campaigns, which reflect these needs and make them a reality.

Any millennial's looking to gain experience in the sales and marketing sector while having the opportunity for frequent national and international travel can reach out to 37 WAYS via email at 37 WAYS.


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